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In recent years, the fashion for corsets to shape one's body, especially the stomach and hips, is becoming more and more popular, so much so that today, many companies produce slimming corsets.

If you are looking for a product that, in addition to allowing you to contain the shapes and streamline them, the solution is provided by Feelingirls

Let's find out together!


an oriental online store specialized in body shapewear, where with its fantastic body shaping and finishing products, they ensure customer satisfaction, making them more beautiful and with a more sculpted body.

A top product of Feelingirls is the latex waist trainer, this extraordinary 100% latex belt is easy to use, just wrap around the waist and adjust it as it is equipped with Velcro, and can also be worn under clothing, because it has a good fit. With the latex waist trainer worn it is like always being in training, so it slims the waistline and refines it, this is because it increases sweating and therefore the burning of fat happens quickly, moreover another and not negligible reason to wear this belt is that it helps to alleviate back pains and prevent any back injuries.

This belt is available in various sizes, is made of breathable mesh fabric and is very soft and comfortable to the touch or worn, it is also elastic and very durable.

The body shapewear can help us to look and feel better, and these must also be able to shape us while feeling at ease, we see a model that is certainly able to shape while being at ease, 
this is the high waist shaping shorts, these are high-waisted shorts in different shades and designs according to tastes and needs.

This style of shapewear is a must have since it can shape the thighs, the buttocks and the hips with an additional emphasis on the belly, thanks to its high waist, and they are non-slip which helps to stay in position, the advantage of this shapewear is that you can wear all day,

they are made of light fabric and therefore you can wear them effortlessly.

What to tell you, these products will change your life and make your body love!

With Feelingirls we will certainly be more beautiful and …………. enjoy!!!!!!!

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